Chawchang Art & Construction registered as partnership limited on March 19, 1992 with integrated construction purpose. We have particular skills and experiences in Thai patterns both renovate historic palace, temple, and chapel or newly construct. We have many experienced fine arts in all fields leaded by Mr. Paithoon Kanmo. Our works in the last 18 years may well ensure and guarantee our success.

Mr. Paithoon Kanmo’s Background

Mr. Paithoon Kanmo was born on June 28, 1956 at his hometown, Sampran District, Nakorn Pathom. He now becomes a director of Chawchang Art & Construction Partnership Limited.

His today success started from looking his grandfather write Lai Thai every day. This is why Mr. Paithoon started to be interested in this field. In 1974, he engaged casting and mold patterns jobs. Then, he started to do Lai Thai jobs in 1976. And he has continued to engage this kind of work until today.

Mr. Paithoon believes that “Try to do the best, not despoil anyone, and satisfied as we get”. He also believes that there are many problems and obstacles in work, only we think and do immediately. If it does not succeed, just think it is only an experiment; in the other ways, if it succeeds, we laugh.  Consequently, Mr. Paithoon has created many works, for examples; Wat Thoong Ladya Museum, Kanchanaburi, Trimurti Shrine and Phra Pi Kha Na Suan, Central World, Phra Prom Shrine, The Customs Department, Pavilion on water of Wat Chai Mongkol, South Pattaya, Chonburi, The Main Chapel of Wat Jetsadaram, Samut Sakorn, Wat Khow Kiri Wong Ubosot, Kanchanaburi, Ubosot pattern making of Wat Rama 9,  Jetsada Bordin palace, and Buddha footprint, Wat Phra Kaew.

All success is evidence that pottery does not have to graduate any degree, just keep practicing and be patient.